"Dark Thoughts" - Single

Jessi Teich: Vocals/Writer | Fabian Mazur: Co-producer | Dee Adam: Co-producer | Lowly Palace: Label

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"The Curtain Call" Frank Pole Remix

Jessi Teich: Vocals/Co-writer | Frank Pole: Remixer | Stuart Crichton: Co-writer

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"The Duets" - EP

Jessi Teich: Vocals | Laurent Derache: Accordion | Nick Krolak: Upright Bass

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The idea for "The Duets" was conceived during a trip to Paris while recording a separate album with accordionist Laurent Derache. At the very end of the session Jessi asked Laurent if they could record the song "La Vie En Rose" as a gift for her grandmother. Laurent and Jessi laid the song down in one take and recognized an instant musical chemistry.

Later the following year, he traveled to the states for the Madame Freak & The Funky Fever tour. While in the USA, they carved out time to record some of her favorite cover songs together. Each of the songs Jessi chose represents a piece of her musical life that helped her develop as a singer and a writer. What came of it felt like magic and "The Duets" were born. Jessi later asked her friend and longtime band mate Nick Krolak to add his upright on some of the tunes. Although one hears three instruments on most of the tracks, the name "The Duets" stuck because of the incredible, musical moment that Laurent and Jessi created in the studio that day.

"JT" - EP

Jessi Teich | Singer & Songwriter | Mix of Pop, Electronic, Indie, & Ballad Music. 

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“JT” includes the first fruits of Jessi's musical evolution from the progressive jazz and blues of Paris to the melodic dance tunes and electronic ballads born In Los Angeles. The EP includes songwriting collaborations with tyDi (Tyson Illingworth), Krysta Youngs and Stuart Crichton and production from tyDi, Stuart Crichton and Frank Pole.

"Twisted Soul" - Album

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2015 album from the powerhouse vocalist. Jessi calls Twisted Soul "a crossover record with a jazz spinal cord," with a sequenced "operatic" story arc of cathartic metamorphosis - overcoming tragedy through change and growth. The album showcases Jessi's sinuous vocal prowess as well as her heralded songwriting capacity, and contains three songs which already have won awards, including the kickoff track, "The Haunting," winner of three competitions on it's own. She writes impressionistically about heartbreak, love, loss, gain, and sisterhood on Twisted Soul, tracing her surrender to - and eventual escape from - a controlling, abusive lover. All the while, she masterfully mixes jazz sophistication, blues grit, and soul's tragic romance, with an edgy-but-elegant aesthetic. It's that type of classy combination that's drawn her comparisons to everyone from Billie Holiday to Sade to Fiona Apple, and admiration for Jessi's rare sense of soul-baring vocal honesty with no pretenses or unnecessary acrobatics.

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