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Updated Kickstarter, Limited-Edition LP Info! Only 200 to print!


We've decided to enhance the Kickstarter opportunity! Check out the updates below or click on the link to go to the page:

- Only 200 Limited-Edition, Kickstarter LPs to be pressed. All signed and numbered.

- You now have the option to pledge for a signed "Twisted Soul' LP that comes in a special display case! It can be enjoyed whether or not you have a record player (hang it on the wall full time, or take it out of the display case and play it)!

- Pick the cover design for the Kickstarter Limited-Edition Vinyl from 3 pre-designed looks. Your name will be included on back cover as 'Album Cover selected by ...". Also, you will receive a Kickstarter Executive Producer Designation.

You can help by making a pledge AND by sharing my project with your friends and family! Thank you so much!!