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"Diggin' A Ditch" is #1

"Diggin' A Ditch" from my new album Twisted Soul has reached the #1 spot on the Official Independent European Music Chart! The chart reflects the top undiscovered artists that are getting a ton of love from radio stations as well as requests from listeners in France and other French speaking areas. It has close to 1,000 plays!

Thank you so much for your support and keep listening! :)

XOXO! Jessi 



Updated Kickstarter, Limited-Edition LP Info! Only 200 to print!


We've decided to enhance the Kickstarter opportunity! Check out the updates below or click on the link to go to the page:

- Only 200 Limited-Edition, Kickstarter LPs to be pressed. All signed and numbered.

- You now have the option to pledge for a signed "Twisted Soul' LP that comes in a special display case! It can be enjoyed whether or not you have a record player (hang it on the wall full time, or take it out of the display case and play it)!

- Pick the cover design for the Kickstarter Limited-Edition Vinyl from 3 pre-designed looks. Your name will be included on back cover as 'Album Cover selected by ...". Also, you will receive a Kickstarter Executive Producer Designation.

You can help by making a pledge AND by sharing my project with your friends and family! Thank you so much!!





"Diggin' A Ditch" Live and Stripped @ The Random Tea Room

With the release of "Twisted Soul," it has been a real joy to experiment with the arrangement of my new songs. This is "Diggin' A Ditch" live and stripped of any electricity or amplification other than what the room sound gave us. We filmed this after we filmed "Anna" and "Valerie" for the Random Tea Room Sessions. Cajon - Ron DiSilvestro. Upright Bass - Nick Krolak. Video shot and edited by Koofreh Umoren and Jesse Moore.



Help Jessi nab the #1 Spot!!!

If you enjoyed my show yesterday, help me nab the #1 spot on the Jazz Hot 11 Countdown tonight on WRTI 90.1FM! Email or call 215-204-8405 to request my song "Sunday Morning."

Thanks again to the 200+ fans that came to see me perform on Saturday at the Sellersville Theater! Here's a first look from the show. Go Mikey Junior!!