Bula from Suva!

After over 24 hours of cumulative travel time, I finally arrived safely in Fiji. So much has already happened that I can't wait to share!

Day 1:

- I met with part of my group at the airport ahead of the flight. 

- After 2 flights (one of which was 11 hours), I took one last flight from Nadi to Suva! It was a hopper and only held 15 people. Thank goodness I took some dramamine. 

- Drank Fiji water IN FIJI!! 

- Walked into town to grab a quick lunch and promptly hopped into the Grand Pacific Hotel pool that overlooks the Suva Harbor. I swear, I'm not on vacation. 

- Watched the sunset while in the pool (that's me in the pool!!)... again, not vacation. 

Day 2:

- Went to the craft and food markets! 

The photo below shows taro root- very sweet and used in cooking/drinks. 

Happened upon the New Zealand Rugby team! They were having breakfast at our hotel. Very sweet group of guys. ;)

Experienced the heart beat of Fiji at a rugby game!! Chiefs vs. Crusaders! 

This is Amani! Our local guide and friend who works at the Grand Pacific Hotel. He was nice enough to help us navigate getting to and from the game. Go Chiefs! 

I have much more to post, but will do it once I can get the photos off of my phone. If I don't post often, it is because the internet follows the Fijian way of life... slow and relaxed. ;) Xo! JT