People may say theres a touch of Ricky Lee Jones, Esperanza Spalding or Nora Jones and other influences but I'm hearing nothing but Jessi Teich!

- Tom Bleck, WDVR FM

"Soul / jazz singer Jessi Teich has taken a good chunk of Europe by storm (particularly France) and is poised to become your new favorite singer here in the United States.  Her voice ranges from smoky to sassy to sexy and her new album, Twisted Soul, is a welcome breath of fresh air to a music world dominated by carefully molded pop idols."

- Nik Havert of Kickass Music Women (Click here for the full review)

"Backed by an awesome jazz-oriented band, the material here is a breath of fresh air in a climate of electronic and synthesized music."

- Marc Farr of (Click here for full review)

"A really wild kick in the pants your ears are looking for. "

- (Click here for the full review)

"Very easy to enjoy and musical performances by the band that will make this more than a one shot experience."

- AJ Garcia of (click here for the full review)

"Twisted Soul is wildly creative. Teich’s astounding vocal dexterity prances about the crisp grooves with a respectable confidence and grace. Her lyrics are intoxicating poetry set to the frenzied pulse of just trying to hold it together. Ultimately, any confining, pragmatic sentiments are crushed beneath the sheer vitality of her indomitable stiletto spirit."   

- Allen Foster, AXS   (Click here for the full review!)

"A sweet and gritty mix of the blues, urbane jazz and down and dirty soul, the album (Twisted Soul) has a loose structure of romantic emancipation from the wrong lover. The album opens with the drop-dead gorgeous 'The Haunting,' a complicated and evocative ballad full of breathy vocals and strutting instrumental backing."

- Jay S. Jacobs, Pop Entertainment Blog (Click here for the full review)

"Armed with a big sound and a smoky timbre,  Jessi Teich has learned the subtlety and refinement that many gifted with big sounds never learn.  She can lull you to sleep or blow you away; or wrap you up in a sound so sensuous that the walls start to waver."

- Wildy Haskell, Wildy's World

"You hear a bit of Ella Fitzgerald, and a smattering of Etta James.  Jessi Teich possesses the attitude of Amy Winehouse, but without the baggage.  There’s the dark mystery of Sade, but with more swing.  You’ll even detect a whisper of Alicia Keys’ next-gen modernity."

- Nick DeRiso, Something Else! 

“Jessi Teich came to the stage first with a five piece band featuring both a trombone and a saxophone. Y’all know I gave her a vote of confidence immediately upon that sight. But what I did not expect was for the petite white girl to come the stage and grab the mic and wreck it. And I don’t mean ‘wreck it’ by doing a bunch of riffing and running and screamin’ and hollerin’ like we’ve come to expect due to the image the mainstream industry pumps down our throats via some other white girls out there doing soul music. But what she gave her listeners that night was a sense of vocal honesty that’s extremely rare. No pretenses, no unnecessary vocal acrobatics, just a woman who sang her heart out. When she did riff it was always perfectly placed and never overboard which made it easy to listen to.”

- Mr. Anderson, The Couch Sessions

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